AuNix WoW Gaming Tunnel

The AuNix WoW Gaming Tunnel has been designed and tested to help improve the ping times for World of Warcraft users.

In-game Voice Chat for World of Warcraft will not work when using the tunnel.

Guild Wars

User's trying to use Guild Wars through the tunnel will be allowed to do so but FreeCap will not allow the program to get past the downloading updates screen.

It has been reported that you can use Guild Wars through ProxyCap to connect through the tunnel.

If ProxyCap does not work you can also try SocksCap. Please note your will have to add the ports 80 and 6112 to SocksCap.

Other Clients

Other game clients may also benefit from using the tunnel, they will follow a similar setup to World of Warcraft and may need specific port settings as with Guild Wars and Proxycap/Sockscap.

WoW Gaming Tunnel Setup Guide

  1. First you will need to download putty.

    To Download Putty Click Here

    putty site
  2. Once you open Putty follow these steps carefully:




    Click Open, then login with the username and password.

    Once connected you can minimize the Putty window, however Do Not Close it as this will close the tunnel.

  3. To allow World of Warcraft to run through the tunnel you need to install FreeCap

    You can download version 3.16 on the FreeCap website.

    Unzip the archive and open freecap, which is located in the exe folder.






How to Connect

  1. You MUST open Putty, and connect using the Username and Password supplied by us.

    Once connect You should see a screen saying you are connected to the Gaming Tunnel, and your Tunnel is Active.

  2. Open World of Warcraft via FreeCap