AuNix Member's Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my Member's Area?

You can log into your Member's Area through the Member's Login at the top of the page.

Please contact us if you require your Account Number and Password to be given to you.

What is an ADSL Pro-rata?

The ADSL Pro-rata service you may see on the Services tab of your Member's Area or on your first monthly invoice is added if your service was activated during the middle of the previous month.

We bill from the 1st to the 1st of each month to the Pro-rata brings your service into line with the monthly billing cycle.

Why am I not receiving email invoices?

Credit Card Customers - This is because an email is not generated when the Credit Card is debited.

Invoices are always available through the your Members Area and we can also manually email them to you.

We recommend that you check your nominated email account regularly for any invoices/notices.

My service has been shaped, but it is only the start of the month?

Billing is done from the first to the first of each month but your Shaping Date is done on the anniversary of your account activation.

You can check the Shaping Date for your service by clicking on Usage under the Services tab of your Member's Area.

How do I create additional email accounts?

Click on Manage Email Accounts under the Services tab of your Member's Area.